BioPulse program

The standard configuration of the device has a program for smartphones, tablets and PCs (Windows operated). The program enables a user to manage clients database, conduct testing acupuncture points (Chinese and Korean (Su Jok method) acupuncture, view meridian graphs. All other advanced features like analysis (ratios and reports), acupuncture recommendations and other, you can buy additionally if your practice needs it.


Standard program configuration consists from clients database management, acupuncture points testing and meridian graphs. Client database is syncronized through the Internet with the smartphone, tablet or PC.


Biopulse Pro works with bluetooth or USB cable. Its microchip has an inbuilt system of acupuncture points testing and treatment. Color threatment is inbuilt by default, frequency therapy purchased additionally. The device can also perform testing and treatment in automated mode. In this function it does not require any program or software operation, it works like searching probe and when finding imbalances, it starts to treat automatically.

Additional features

If you need extra features in the program, such as: analysis, recommendations and so on, you can buy them in our online shop.

BioPulse Pro device

The device can work from accumulator and micro USB cable. It has an inbuilt bluetooth module connecting the device with smartphone/tablet and thus, enabling to work with them without a cable. Device weight is 150 gramm. When working with USB cable it can work with all of our desktop software. The software are purchased additionally to the device.

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Screening/testing function

The device allows to test acupunture points according to Ryodoraku method, Su Jok points, Dr. Voll points, auricular points and reflexology zones. The device which is an active probe at the same time, has an interchangeable tip for testing the points from 1 mm diameter. This tip has an inbuilt point pressure control for equal loading on the points. While testing a point for the second time, it will help you to observe the same level of loading on the point which is important when you repeat measurement in Dr. Voll method.


The device is supplied with an interchangeable tips for testing of auricular or other small sized points which can be removed easily from the probe or inserted in the testing probe. The device has also an inbuilt system for color therapy - it can generate the light. When a frequency therapy software is purchased, the device comes with 2 cylindrical hand-held electrodes.

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Buyers' testimonials

We serve acupuncturists and alternative medicine practitioners from 2001 year.

I had a pleasure to use in my practice a device Bio-Pulse Pro since 2005. This is one of the very few in the market Ryodoraku Testing Machine which also combine Biofeedback treatment. It is very reliable and well priced compared to similar products on the market. Biofeedback is perfectly safe, uses 9V battery. Patients with migraine, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety and many other medical condition had very good response. The provided list is long enough and comprehensive. Most of the patients had very good clinical response despite lack of negative sensation in the hands, while on treatment. In conclusion-BioPulse Pro is a wonderful device with many applications and give the medical practitioner good options and results. I can recommend it to any practitioner in the field of alternative medicine.
Dr. V. Milkov, MD, Dipl. Acu/General practitioner and alternative medicine
Lots of praise for the Su Jok Pro, only had the trial version of this. The treatment choices is superb. The software I have is the Meridan Testing Program v.2.0 and EAV v.2.1 Using the Sujok points for the Ryodoraku is brilliant and easily done, whereas the body points are more difficult to do, so clear direction needs to be given to the patient. Patient love seeing the results on the screen. So, I prefer Meridian Testing software because of the use of the Sujok points as an option to using the body points. So basically if you need to roughly know what is going with your patient from your questions etc. and the meridian graph should confirm and guide your treatments. Overall the Sujok is the best and easiest to perform requiring only the hands both for diagnosis and treatment. All the software as good database and the Meridian Testing software provides to map people progress week by week by allowing the graphs to overlapped enabling the energetics of the individual meridians to be traced throughout the course of a treatment.
OJLTherapies, Dr. Oliver Harris, United Kingdom
I am a practitioner using in my practice medical herbs, homeopathy, KHA…..(natural healing). I have purchased the device Biopulse L from with Su Jok Pro and Medical Frequency software V.3.0. It is hard to find such dedicated guys like you and it is a real pleasure nowdays. I must point out that you provide invaluable service very well as an ideal system for health care practitioners. I highly recommend this equipment being one of the best available biofeedback tools to extend medical practice thus gaining and satisfying lots of patients in promoting their good health.
Mojca Gaberšček A.,, DIHom, Slovenija

Questions and answers

If you have needs or questions for us, please get in touch through the contact form at the bottom page

How and where is it possible to buy the device and software?

You can buy directly from our site, we do ship our products internationally. In some countries, certain acupuncture or alternative medicine schools offer our device with software in conjunction with their educational courses. Payment can be made to our company account, Paypal or Western Union. We attempt to ship your order within 1-2 business days after the payment is clear. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your order has been shipped together with a registered mailing/track number of your order.

What is the warranty for the device?

We provide 12 months guarantee for manufacturing or materials faults. If, at any time, during this guarantee’s validity period, the purchased device does not function correctly, owing to the appearance of faults in its materials or manufacture and if we are unable to resolve the problem online, we agree, depending on the fault presented, to replace the faulty device. If you want to have more years of warranty, you can buy it in our online shop when checking out.

What software are compatible with the device ?

Biopulse Pro works also with all software we developed earlier:
Meridian Testing Program v.2.0 (Ryodoraku measurements);
TCM Pro v.1.0 (Ryodoraku measurements);
EAV v.2.1 (Dr. Voll measurements and Vega test);
EAR v.1.0 (auricular points testing);
Reflexology (Zone) v.1.0;
Su Jok 6KI ;
Su Jok Pro v.2.0
BioPulse Pro v.1.0
Medical Frequency Software 3.1;
Color therapy 1.0
Mobile APP

Depending on a customer's choice, the device can be equipped with any software: one, several or all we developed. Microprocessor of the device is built in a way it can support the all software we have developed currently. A user can make his individual software configuration for device's package with just one software or multiple. We give the access to the selected software based on a customer's payment. If a customer wants to purchase in the future the other software, there is no need to return the device for an upgrade or even buy a new machine to support other software.
The access to additional software is provided distantly after payment. All software work on Windows Xp to Windows 10. It is also possible to work on Mac if you install virtual Windows on it.

Can I purchase device and use it if I am not a practitioner?

The device and software were developed to help practitioners as well as for those who are interested in alternative medicine. We have customers who bought the device for themselves and family, also students who just started to study alternative medicine and acupuncture, and of course, practitioners whom the device helps in their everyday work.

Package options and costs

Students and practitioners, you will always find your device configuration according your budget.


Basic package

  • Device BioPulse Pro
  • Smartphone/Tablet program (Android, wireless-Bluetooth)
  • Windows program - Meridian Testing Program 2.0 (wireless-Bluetooth)
  • X
  • X

Practitioner Plus

Practitioner Plus package (3 software by default + any 3 software of your choice)
  • Device BioPulse Pro
  • Smartphone/Tablet program (Android, wireless-Bluetooth )
  • Windows program - Meridian Testing Program 2.0 (wireless-Bluetooth)
  • Color 1.0 and Medical Frequency Program 3.1
  • Any 3 desktop software of your choice
  • Practitioner plus package: Device BioPulse Pro, Smartphone/Tablet program (Android, wireless), Color therapy 1.0, Medical Frequency Program 3.1 + Any 3 software of your choice.